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Angus Culley With a career focused on consulting, Angus has broad experience providing clients with Design services in both Commercial and residential design. Angus started out in an advertising agency working on national accounts. Key experience in the application of national advertising programs was gained from working with clients that had major dealer programs. The objective with these types of accounts was to tie-in national advertising strategies with in-store merchandising and dealer support programs. After returning to University to obtain a Master's of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, there was a natural opportunity to mesh the concepts of merchandising, national marketing strategies with architecture, building design and retail presentation. This immediately proved to be the case, when Angus joined an International design firm as VP North America - Retail. ACCA is positioned to provide clients with the ideal combination of presentation tools for companies seeking a competitive edge with their real estate dollar. This commercial side of the business is oriented about the concept of "Marketecture". Always on the table is a continuing interest and involvement in house Design and Renovation. New homes and renovations have always played a key part of the business.